Common Poker Tells

OK, two of the most common and valuable tells are featured in this tale:

You're playing no-limit Texas Hold'em and you see the flop 3-handed. You're in middle position with 8s8c, and the dealer lays down 7d8d3d. The first player looks back at his hole cards and makes a pot-sized bet. The player behind you has lost interset in the pot, and is picking up his cards to muck.

There is a lot of valuable information in that game which should allow you to make a confident raise. Almost all players can remember their hole cards if they're suited, but many weaker players have to go back for a second look if they're unsuited. The first players's bet indicates strength, but since he took a second look at his cards you can probably rule out a made flush. The player acting out of turb behind you has shown he isn't a threat, so you can make an easy assumption that your hand is the best.

These tells can be subtle, and if you weren't paying close attention you could have missed valuable information. Imagine that same game played online. Someone bets into you with a possible flush on board and there's a player still to act behind you. With so little information it's hard to accurately judge the strength of your hand.

You think that above example was too obvious? Well that's the way most tells are. It doesn't take much talent to read your opponents, it's just a matter of making an effort to paying close attention. This site is still under developmnet, but check back soon to learn about other common tells.

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